How BradyRenner Helps Small Businesses Build Professional Skills and Connections for the Future

Published by BradyRenner CPAs | November 14, 2023

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As a small business owner, you are always focused on growing your business. While you have a host of responsibilities and tasks to complete, a steady trajectory of growth is an ever-present goal for every successful business. BradyRenner CPAs have several tools at our disposal in order to help your small business navigate through obstacles and meet your aspirations and growth goals. The BradyRenner team is more than just a CPA firm. Our services go above and beyond the standard accounting offerings, and our team-wide goal is to look after the individual. 

A Focus on Client Connections

At BradyRenner, a strong focus on customer relationships fosters confidence that your business is benefitting not only from expert advice, but from a team that cares about your goals and success. We place an emphasis on building these relationships, which is why we often host in-person and online events such as Lunch & Learns, seasonal socials, and more. BradyRenner can be more effective in helping your business grow with this solid foundation in place, because there is an understanding of you and your business that goes beyond numbers on a spreadsheet.

Communication is at the heart of any relationship, and it’s a hallmark of the client experience at BradyRenner. Your trusted CPA is not just available at tax time, but all year round to answer questions and provide support. Wondering whether to buy or lease a new piece of equipment or property? Or maybe you’re curious about a letter you received from the IRS, or unsure of whether your financials can support a new hire. Whatever your question, you’ll be met with understanding and expert guidance by the team at BradyRenner.

The Many Resources of BradyRenner

At BradyRenner, we know that running a successful small business means constantly being pulled in several directions, always having to juggle multiple decisions and continually being required to reprioritize your task list, ranging from customer service to employee recruitment. In order to help you stay focused on those tasks and responsibilities that will help your business grow, BradyRenner offers a wide variety of services designed to take some of these obligations off your plate and allow you to focus on what you do best. 

  • Bookkeeping. BradyRenner can work with your small business to develop a customized bookkeeping system to manage deposits, payables, and receivables, as well as reconcile your bank accounts, maintain vendor records, and track expenses, sales, and loans – and any other bookkeeping needs.
  • Accounting. The first step in BradyRenner’s accounting services is to assess and evaluate your business’s current accounting processes. Moving forward from there, BradyRenner helps you manage your cash flow and provides you with monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting.
  • Tax Planning. For small business owners, being prepared to file taxes is one of the most important tasks. BradyRenner helps you be ready to file your business’s taxes as well as your own, and can file federal, state, local, and other taxes on your behalf. If your business is audited, BradyRenner can support you through that process as well.
  • Consulting. Through our consulting services, BradyRenner can help you drive your business’s growth. We offer business entity planning and selection, accounting system design and analysis, and pricing, custom management and capital investment strategies to maximize the utilization of existing resources, as well as exit planning and M&A strategy.
  • Online Resources. In addition to the above, BradyRenner offers a wealth of online resources to our clients, from educational blog articles and past event recordings, to guides on completing major financial obligations such as reporting income to the IRS. 

Connecting Your Business with Other Vital Services

In addition to the extensive experience and services offered by the members of the BradyRenner team itself, we know that in order to help you succeed, there are a number of other professional services you may need at various stages of your business’s development. As a member of the Chesapeake Growth Network, BradyRenner is able to give clients professional referrals for financial law, estate planning, business consulting, and many more services. 

For more information on how BradyRenner can help you continue to grow your small business, reach out today. And please come back soon for our next article in the series which will explore extra service areas that BradyRenner often helps clients with that highlight their dedication to each individual client.