Tax Planning Solutions

Actually feel prepared for your taxes.

One of the most critical obligations for every small business owner is to effectively prepare for and file accurate tax returns. These include your annual business and personal federal tax returns; applicable state and local business taxes; sales taxes; payroll taxes and more.

At BradyRenner, effective small business tax planning and support begins with our outstanding bookkeeping and accounting solutions, which are designed to work hand-in-hand as we create and manage a clean, accurate, fully documented and consistently effective bookkeeping and accounting program for your small business.

This in turn allows us to turn our attention to effective tax planning. Tax planning involves not only accurate tax return preparation but also evaluation of options for aligning the company’s financial decisions to maximize growth opportunities and investment returns while minimizing tax burdens, and understanding the interrelationship between the tax decisions made by the business, and those made by the business owner(s). BradyRenner tax planning services for small businesses and their owners include:

  • Tax planning for the business and its owner(s)
  • Calculation of estimated taxes
  • Preparation of federal, state and other tax returns
  • Compliance review of all applicable taxes
  • Evaluation of tax considerations relating to entity structure
  • Estate and gift tax planning
  • Tax strategy for multi-state entities (nexus, tax amnesty, etc.)
  • Sales and use tax considerations
  • Tangible property regulations
  • Tax audit preparation and support
  • Tax accounting method evaluation
  • Tax credit opportunities

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