Our Values: Accountable

We’re transparent. What’s ours is yours.

Some businesses experience a ‘black-box’ effect with their accounting firm, where whatever they provide to their accountant seems to disappear at one end of the process, and financial statements or tax returns mysteriously appear on the other end.

The problem with this is that it means clients have little to no clarity about how accurately or precisely their accounting work is being performed; nor are they able to learn or improve their internal processes based upon the information gleaned through the process.

At BradyRenner, we believe in a very different approach to small business accounting; one that is designed to help our clients become better businesses while we also take care of their accounting, bookkeeping and related needs. We use technology to collect, track, share and monitor documents and work activities, which makes collaborating with our clients a breeze.

And we pride ourselves on proactively sharing information and insights with our clients as we work to help their businesses grow.