Case Study: Business & Professional Women’s Foundation

Industry: Nonprofits & Associations

The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (BPW Foundation) is a 501 (c) (3) research and education organization, and was the first foundation dedicated to conducting research and providing information solely about working women.

Since its formation, BPW Foundation has partnered with employers to create successful workplaces that embrace and practice diversity, equity and work-life balance convening employers, working women and policymakers to promote systemic workplace change.

Roslyn Ridgeway serves as board chair. She originally became involved with BPW after her mother introduced her to the organization after she graduated from college, and from there Roslyn found numerous opportunities to make an impact through community service and leadership within BPW, from the organization’s Young Careerist Program to its advocacy and activism on Capitol Hill. She became president of BPW/Georgia, and was later elected national president of BPW/USA in 2005-2006. In 2009, BPW/USA merged with its sister organization, the BPW Foundation, creating a single nonprofit organization serving the needs of business and professional women across the United States.

As board chair, Roslyn is responsible for ensuring the effective governance and leadership of BPW, including accounting and financial operations and effectiveness. She was introduced to Matt Brady, CPA and the BradyRenner team through a referral from a trusted colleague. Roslyn felt that BradyRenner was the right choice for BPW Foundation right from the start, as she and Matt Brady began to discuss the organizational strategy, board objectives and the foundation’s priorities right from the start of their first meeting. From there, the relationship has grown as BradyRenner has continued to support the foundation’s needs on a proactive basis.

For example, BradyRenner recommended streamlining key operational processes and also assisted them in managing the requirements for their annual audit to ensure that they received effective services while operating within the foundation’s budget. BradyRenner staff are responsive, on point and well organized, and this commitment has enabled the BPW Foundation to move in new directions confident that their accounting partner is reliable and available to support their evolving needs.

In fact, BradyRenner personnel consistently respond to emails or phone calls within the same day, or at the latest, within 24 hours of an inquiry being sent — and if a question cannot be answered immediately, BradyRenner staff are clear about the time needed to research and respond to the question. In addition, the BPW Foundation feels that BradyRenner really understands the unique needs of the nonprofit and association community, as the firm has been able to guide them on improving their preparation for and filing of the annual IRS Form 990, and has helped the foundation improve its overall governance and accounting effectiveness as well.

According to Ridgeway, “I would highly recommend them! As an organization that has experienced several accounting firms in our recent history, we can say that BradyRenner is, by far, the most responsive and efficient partner we’ve ever had. I feel very comfortable as chair of this foundation that our accounting services and needs are being met professionally and proactively.”