Case Study: Legend Builders, Inc.

Industry: Construction

Legend Builders is a locally owned, award-winning building and development corporation established in 1994, focused on designing and building distinctive residential homes and commercial buildings in the suburban Maryland region. The firm’s mission is to become the best builder in each community where they build. Being committed to building well-built homes at affordable prices has helped the firm to achieve and sustain its success. The company stands apart from its competition by offering close, personal attention and full customization to the individual needs of each buyer.

The building and construction industry can be difficult during tough economic times, and it takes a strong leader with determination to weather the inevitable downturns. The instantaneous nature of today’s news cycle adds more volatility to the industry due to the fact that any given report can broadcast good or bad news concerning current market conditions (or future predictions) when it comes to owning or investing in a home.

As a result, Legend Builders places a paramount priority on knowing what the firm’s profitability is on a very regular basis, and giving the firm’s owners the information they need to be flexible and agile with procurement of new opportunities as they present themselves in the market. Legend Builders has experienced outstanding stability in their partnership with BradyRenner for more than 13 years, due in no small part to the ease with which they are able to communicate with the BradyRenner team.

This open communication and responsiveness is what gives Legend Builders the same support from their accountant that they, in turn, endeavor to provide to their customers. In addition, says Michael Collins, President, BradyRenner has given the firm advice and insights that have helped them run a more efficient business. Legend’s leadership anticipates continuing to achieve strong growth and continuing in the firm’s longstanding partnership with BradyRenner.