Case Study: Trinity Technology Partners

Industry: Government ContractingInformation Technology

Founded in 2008, Trinity Technology Partners, Inc. (TTP) is an SBA 8(a) and ISO 9001 certified small business that provides a world-class portfolio of technology services, solutions, and products to meet mission and strategic goals spanning numerous verticals in industry and government.

Trinity’s core business supports federal, state, local and Department of Defense (DOD) customers. Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Trinity offers system & network engineering, enterprise web & application development and cyber security services.

The firm’s model of centralized management with decentralized execution allows Trinity to accomplish more missions with less effort and resources for their customers. As a result, Trinity offers clients the ability to rapidly achieve project requirements, succeed with organizational integration, easily assimilate task orders and aggressively employ new ideas, concepts, methods, and technologies.

TTP’s current and recent past performance enables their team to provide customers with the analytical, technical and requisite support needed to accomplish their missions on time and on budget — and their proven management and technical approaches ensure optimal performance standards through industry best practices, subject matter expertise, relevant methodologies and certifications for a best value, low-risk option.

One of the leading challenges for companies such as Trinity is the series of ongoing changes taking place in the federal government marketplace. In an environment of decreasing budgets, government shutdowns and gridlock on Capitol Hill, federal funding continues to be a challenge for government contractors and following the shifting areas of focus and priorities requires vigilance and agility on the part of effective contractors.

Due to the specific accounting requirements mandated by the Department of Defense, Trinity’s top priority has been and continues to be establishing and maintaining a DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliant accounting system. Additionally, a key priority is allocating additional company revenue for 401k matching/profit sharing as to create more attractive benefits for attracting and retaining employees, as well as for tax planning.

For a number of years Trinity Technology Partners has entrusted its accounting to the services of BradyRenner. As a small business operating in the federal government space, it is essential that Trinity have the proper accounting setup and services.

Through the exemplary support of BradyRenner, Trinity now has solid accounting practices and an accounting system structure that both meets and exceeds government and customer accounting requirements.

“The knowledgeable, professional, and experienced folks at BradyRenner have taken what was an initial nightmare for us and made it quite seamless,” says Bruce Lansdowne, President & CEO. “Their team always provides sound advice and support in the best interests of Trinity. One of the great things about our business rapport with BradyRenner is that they genuinely care about the success of Trinity, and this is what makes the difference and keeps us a happy customer.”